New places

She was in a different country far away from the comforts of home.A new life waited for her to embrace.She was beautiful, successful and loved.Things people dream about in this lifetime yet her heart felt empty, wounded and alone.

Had she hastened, chased her dreams too hard? She looked around her, people rushing to work, meeting deadlines, running towards subways.She even held the elevator for one such gentleman he thanked her and got back to talking on his phone.

Suits, dress shirts, oxfords sharp and ready to take on the world all these wonderful men.It was indeed a new world.Back at her desk, she checked her inbox that seemed to have more and more emails by the minute who was sending all these emails and people were actually reading them but no one had a minute for a casual conversation.All she saw around her were human beings and their gadgets state of the art technology, Innovation.

Here Time is money.



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