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Every human looks at the world from his/her perspective.

We have the luxury of choice: choosing the direction in which we want to steer our life.The power to shape our future but, what we cannot escape are the byproducts of these choices —the one’s we make for ourselves.

It is important to remember if there is something we can do, we also have the power to abstain from it but we cannot undo what we have done.IF ONLY we can realise the power of our own will and make the best of our thoughts and abilities the rest will simply follow suit.

No one can control your state of being but you can make yourself happy and change that which you do not want in your life.This life is like an empty vase, decorate it the way you fancy, there is no such thing as ‘the right thing’ you may prefer twigs to leaves, some may want delicate plants that need care and attention, others may simply put a wooden rose and forget about it.

Does it really matter? what matters is if you are HAPPY and comfortable being YOU.

Do not look for acceptance, strive to do that which you approve of. People can only be comfortable around you if you are confident in your own skin.

Only “YOU” have the power to truly help yourself.

Love yourself because you are Unique and beautiful ♥


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