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It was Saturday a bunch of us were at the local coffee shop near the University.

For 3 years now this place has been a habit, we come here without fail.The wait staff are friends they know our life stories, even the owner is on a first name basis.

…I saw him looking at me he was sitting outside with a bunch of people.. the only thing separating us was the glass  —our eyes met for a brief second but he was quick to look away.

We were having a conversation about the concert and how many sponsors we needed I shifted my attention back to our banter.

what followed were weeks of stolen glances, lots of lattes praying he would walk up to me say something, waiting for classes to be over so I could see him again.I don’t know if it was fate or us that ensured we would always bump into each other.

He is no prince that’s for sure just an ordinary looking guy

I’m beautiful, tall, popular and …………………..”Committed”

Yes, you read that right when I say committed meaning I’m seeing someone he’s a nice guy actually we have been together for a few months now but something tells me this stranger is TROUBLE.


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