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In & Out of love ❤︎

I fall in Love with the idea of Love, not the person but that moment of bliss and the thrill of not knowing what the future holds.

uncountable possibilities & innumerable probabilities.

Is it just me? or is it meant to be like this?

I kept thinking and not admitting it.. for the mind is a tricky sod; it leads to what the heart desires and pretends like it doesn’t know —the choices you made were your own.

Who is to say what it shall Entail.

Every now and then when I fell in and out of love the pattern was always the same happiness led to disappointment.

when a relationship ended I remember feeling wrecked thinking maybe i didn’t try enough blaming myself, but the pain vanished magically when i felt Love again.

It felt —Liberating; 

Such is the beauty of love… it gives you Hope

© 𝓼toryteller


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