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◇ The One ◇


Finding the one person we Love is like finding ourselves— tricky and exciting ⁈

It’s like meeting a new “You”, one you had no idea existed.The joy of sharing oneself unconditionally is what makes us peaceful from within.

Knowing we have someone in the best and worst of times to hold our hand and tell us it’s OKAY to mess up.

To not know where we are headed —to be lost!

Watching the sun-shine and the warmth of a smile have almost similar effects on us

we miss them during the cold and dark times.

Sharing your life with someone is like “being naked -just being You” with all your imperfections.

Not being ashamed or sorry or proud or thankful, it’s knowing in your heart that you are vulnerable and enjoying with your guard down, cherishing all that you see and feel for time once lost will turn back for none.

Memories will stay as if it were yesterday.

But, the love you felt is all that will matter in the end making you smile even in the dreariest of times.

Trust, you will heal, all that was and this too shall pass…

© 𝕊toryteller

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