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on Life … continued

This a continuation of  On Life…



I look up.

I look far at the horizon. Pale lights glow in the distance.


I stop questioning. Maybe it was all meant to be.

Maybe I’m getting what many people dream, lest hope of achieving.

Maybe I’m what the present society calls an ideal example, a successful individual.

Maybe I’m sitting in the comfort of my own home, relaxing, and reflecting upon things.



I see a man walking down on far off road.


Is this what I have set out to become?

Is satisfying all my worldly desires my objective?

Is getting all that I want is what I need?

Or is finding a meaning of my existence my salvation…

My life?


I look up my shoulder. My friend is pondering over the screen.

He looks at me and smiles.


A cool breeze blows across my face.


I desperately try to find something in the sky.

It is red with the clouds reflecting the city lights.





Cursor’s still blinking…..Still Blinkin’…


© 𝓈toryteller

L: Life

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13 thoughts on “on Life … continued

  1. I love your style… Always great writing from you, very impressive 🙂

    Keep up the great work!


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