The Coyote

via Daily Prompt: Roots

A Native American Folklore 

A bird that lived near a lake bathed in it every morning for 4 days.

The fifth morning it came out with beautiful blue feathers.

A Coyote who had been watching the bird all this while asked,

“How did you get all blue and beautiful? I want to be blue, too”.

“I went into the water four times for four days,” replied the Bluebird

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So Coyote jumped into the lake and on the fifth day, he turned —as blue as the bird.

The proud Coyote now started running very fast, looking at his shadow to see if it was also blue and hit a tree that threw him on the ground.

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And that’s how Coyote got the colour of his fur.

Moral: Never try to change who you are and where you come from;

Always stick to your Roots.


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