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just another Crush? πŸ€”

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

Crush: A Temporary Attraction

Signs & Symptoms:

Sudden IncreaseΒ in heart rate πŸ’“

Related imageImage result for when you see your crush gif

Butterflies and More Butterflies πŸ¦‹


Image result for crush meaning love

Acting Funny/Weird πŸ˜‚


Image result for when you see your crush gif

Do You have Crush face/Expression? Β Image result for love clipart

Here’s Mine 😊



Image result for crushing on someone gifs

Share stories about your “Crushes” in the comments section below I promise they will never know. 🀐


xo π“ˆtoryteller



55 thoughts on “just another Crush? πŸ€”

      1. I am, as I write this I start my morning with writing and some reflection, then visit blogs as well as reply comments, busy day ahead as always but good days, my dear, and how about you, how are things with you.

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      2. thats lovely to hear, I too look forward to end of week, there’s a poetry reading I am going to on Sunday, a lovely group spun off my book club group. Hope you have a good weekend coming too!

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  1. I sat next to a God on my flight from London to Singapore (on to Cairns) and had all the above. We chatted and laughed and I tried to be nonchalant lol, meanwhile I’m sliding out of the seat! Lol

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      1. Yeah, but I lost it lol. I remembered and found his fb, sent a request but have not heard anything yet. He was Irish, travelling to China to teach English. Quite a bit younger than me πŸ™‚

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  2. I just try to remind myself that you (probably) can’t have a muse and…well, you get the idea! A creative type’s quandary…do I act on my crush, or do I keep them as a muse? *laugh*

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  3. This might sound weird, but my first crush was on Mr. Spock from Star Trek in the 1970s. My childhood was chaotic, and he was so stable and dependable .All kinds of underlying stuff there. Now, I would probably find him a little boring. My second (and best) husband has some of his character traits. I can make him laugh sometimes though, which I love. Interesting what and who we are attracted to.

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  4. Won’t say it as a crush but it happened during my train journey…we both had seats opposite to each other…wn I looked at her she neglcted n wn I was looking through d window or smwhr else she was gazing at me…n it continued fr 5-6 hours almost…

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      1. Similar thng I have imagined smtyms wn I sit alone dat will it happn?n ya it did…n d bst thng waz she waz vry simple without ny make up or professionalised beauty…dar made her look more preety…

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  5. I’ve actually recently written a blog post on a crush I’ve been having! The only problem with my crush is… he isn’t real! He is a T.v Character! At least when you have a crush on a real person you know that just maybe there is a chance it could go somewhere, you have that slightest bit of hope, no matter how unlikely, that maybe one day your crush will notice you, but when it’s a fictional character all you can do is hope that maybe one day you come across someone like him in real life. Does this make me weird? surely I’m not the only one here who’s suffered from a crush on a fictional character? I’ve asked a lot of people this and I’ve just been told I’m being silly and It’ll pass, but it’s gone on for quite a while now! Do you have any advice? Also, I love the post. xxx

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