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Past Life

Do u believe in past life? Reincarnation?

The Soul is Eternal; it does not die…

In many religious, philosophical and mythological traditions, the soul is the incorporeal essence of a living being and often considered immortal

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Signs you know someone from your past life


⇰ You feel an instant connect.

It’s a connection that is hard to explain and even harder to dismiss. 
These people dived deep into your consciousness in some past life, and you dived deep into theirs.
You shared intimate moments and revealed deep parts of your souls to one another.
This kept the connection between your souls strong, even though many lives might have passed.

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⇰ This connection is almost telepathic.

Have you ever thought of someone and they call or text?

They know your thoughts and emotions without you having to explain, which makes having a relationship with the person easy you can read them just as easily as they, can you. 

While you may not feel you have known this person before, the situation you’re in feels familiar?

Someone gives you a helping hand in some way with no expectation of anything in return.

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19 thoughts on “Past Life

  1. Whenever I go to a place for the first time , I feel that I have been there.. and to make sure I did , once when I was very young (14 maybe) I followed my instincts and the images that were running in my mind deciphering about the place.. and guess what , whatever I had thought in my mind , the place was exactly like that .. I don’t remember what I told my dad back then but that thing was exactly there… And about connection with someone? Yes . I find that .. I find that with my non biological sister. Whenever I think of her , there’s definitely a call.. I have received her call saying, “I was just thinking about you and you called . Haha” .. and yes this has happened to her too. Sorry for the long comment, I got excited.

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  2. Since my husband and I went 39 years between our high school romance and our second first date, it sure feels like I knew him in a past life. But seriously, anything is possible. 😉 Intriguing topic.

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  3. Very interesting because we’ve all met or at least we know someone like this right now. We never really thought of it this way, we just looked at it as chemistry but this post makes you think.

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  4. Amazing thought !!😊
    I am a big Paul Coelho fan and his book ‘Brida’ talks about souls and soulmates and ‘Aleph’ is about past life. I do recommend these books ( if you haven’t read 🙈 )

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  5. Do I believe in reincarnation? What else would be the purpose of administering us humans such limitless potential encapsulated in these physical bodies? To learn and grow! Then move on and do it all over again!

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