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What is Heritage to You?

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Photo PromptHeritage

Share a photo of something that says “heritage” to you. It can be from your own family or culture — a library, a work of public art, a place of worship, an object passed down to you from previous generations. Or, like me, you can choose to focus on a tradition to which you don’t belong, but to which you’ve been exposed whether through travel, moving, or the people in your life.

Here’s my take on Heritage:

I think this is a really cool prompt if you are participating don’t forget to leave a link below ☟so I can check out your picture.

Comment on what Heritage means to You? 

Looking forward to reading your perspective.

Have a blessed rest of the week 😇

Namaste 🙏

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17 thoughts on “What is Heritage to You?

      1. The picture i posted is my interpretation of heritage my earliest memories are of celebrating festivals with family & friends, good food and joyous memories.
        That’s something i cherish.
        Also Faith is a big part of my Life.
        Stay blessed 😇

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  1. Memories that link you to family and keep you connected to them through heirlooms and special objects and traditions. Bloodline hand downs that keeps a lost loved one inside or a part of you. Special possessions that have been passed down in the family.

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