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Liebster 🏆


Hello Bloggers 

I have been nominated by the Fabulous Himanshi if you haven’t checked out her blog yet head over there and show some love 💚 ⤵︎

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1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award. 
2) Answer 10 questions the blogger gave you. 
3) Give 10 random facts about yourself. 
4) Nominate 10 blogs. 
5) Notify them. 
6) Give them 10 questions to answer.


➡︎ Feminism or Humanism?

Humanity over all Else.

➡︎ Do you believe in gods?


➡︎ Who is the most important person in your life?

My Family (can’t pick one)

➡︎ What is your favourite song?

Any Tune 🎶 that makes me happy 🙂

➡︎ What do you want to do before dying?

I want to Experience Life in all its Glory.

➡︎ What do you do when you see a beggar?

Honestly Nothing.

➡︎ If you were to leave everything and run away, where would you?

I would go some place where no one knows me.

➡︎ Who is your idol?

My Dad

➡︎ What is your definition of success?

Success is being content.

➡︎ What is your definition of failure?

Failure is when you decide to give up.



your questions are the same as mine.

Feel free to ignore if you have done this before.

xoxo storyteller


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