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Now back to Me

I’m PS a.k.a Storyteller

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They say “Life’s a journey”

I don’t know its true purpose but what I know for sure— it would be nothing without the people in it.

If you are reading this, you’re part of my journey.

My writings are a reflection of my thoughts, experiences, trials, learnings, moments of realisation and belief system.

‟To see the World in a Grain of Sand

And Heaven in a Flower 

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 

And Eternity in an hour”

~Thank you for reading my stories, I hope you find them worthy of your Time~


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47 thoughts on “Bonjour!

      • You are most welcome – I truly enjoy what you are posting.
        Thank you so much for your lovely compliment; it means a lot to hear that you have re-read some of my writing. No, I am not published, other than here. I have mixed feelings about financial gain from ‘art’ (if you could call what I write ‘art’), but many thanks for your kind words.

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  3. You, My Dear are Absolutely, Positively, Amazing! You make me feel like two peas in the same pod!!
    You make me feel like you have picked the thoughts right out of my mind but never found a way to put it into the more elegant words that you did above. I love the concept of Life as a Journey and have used that often.

    I also feel exactly as you have stated, “I hope that you have found my writings worthy of your time” is the way I say it. I would really like to get to know you better, if that is ok with you?? You can reach me at if you would like to talk – offline. I would really love to chit-chat, banter and have some fun.

    I am going to reblog your “Harmony” if that is ok with you. I am planning on doing that today unless you object

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    • Hello chuck
      I’m quickly running out of ways to express my gratitude so let’s just say “Ur too Kind” for lack of better words.
      Feel free to reblog/backcatablog as you seem fit 🙂
      And be on the lookout for that email coming your way 🙂
      xx Storyteller

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      • Great! I will keep a close watch for it. Ha! You are too funny! I think you may need to think out of the box and teach us both a thing or two – like what would we say if we wanted to say it in German, Russian, Japanese, Swedish – see we have lots of room to grow! LOL!

        Thanks for permission to reblog! Hope you got my comment on Harmony regarding the “Read More” button.

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      • the read more button is a great idea but it doesn’t work on the theme that i’m currently using 😦
        I also wanted to clarify that the artwork is Not mine (it was googled ) but the words YES that came from Moi 🙂

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