short story #6

your coat is my umbrella on rainy days the warmth of your hug is all I seek when you smile at me from across the room my Spirit is  Relieved ... If you liked this check out some my other short stories short story #5 short story #4 short story #3 short story #2 short story…Read more short story #6

au revoir

It's a gloomy day in the city of Love Clouds gather in the sky, it's going to rain The sidewalk bustles with happy tourists clicking pictures making Memories Walks along the Seine holding on in vain Till we meet again je ne sais quoi Paris Haibun in response to Colleen's Poetry Challenge  𝓈toryteller Twitter | Instagram

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The one thing I clearly remember is wearing a yellow maxi dress and sitting outside next to his table trying to draw attention and being my fabulous self. That moment when you want to get a man's attention—Laugh. Men dig that.So I laughed in a carefree sort of way playing with my hair, touching the nape…Read more page 2

Another Day

Hello, Bloggers check this out ➔ my story was featured on Drabble ☺️👏✍️

I’m grateful for all the love that the blogging community is giving me hopefully Y’all continue to love my stories.

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By Storyteller

“Talk to me I’m here to listen,” said the mind but the heart had decided.

Razor in hand she saw a little girl running around talking to the trees.

Thud! A gust of wind closed the window; the girl had vanished.

Looking around the house what a vision it was, not a thing out of place

fancy drapes, matching silverware, candlesticks above the fireplace.

Resting on the rocking chair she placed the razor on the table, made herself a fresh pot of tea snuggled in her favorite quilt and dozed off to sleep.

Another day perhaps, another lifetime.

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short story #4

..her side of the pillow was drenched in tears while he checked emails from work is this what people mean when they say Couples grow apart? © 𝓈toryteller Find Storyteller on ➥ Twitter | Instagram image: Pinterest