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short story #12

Pain is the trademark of Love. ūüíĒÔłŹ     Only Love can heal the Pain caused by Love ‚̧ԳŹ   ūüĎȬ†If you liked this check out¬†some my other stories¬†ūüĎá Read More:¬†ūüďĖ short story #11 short story #10 short story #9   Don‚Äôt forget to be Awesome ‚úĒÔłé ¬†¬©¬†storyteller   Let‚Äôs get Social:¬†Twitter¬†|¬†Instagram images: Pinterest via… Continue reading short story #12


Cacophony of Halloween (tanka #16)

Hello Guys ¬† Today i'm writing a Tanka for Halloween¬† let me know what you think.   via daily post: Cacophony a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds. "a cacophony of deafening alarm bells" synonyms: din,¬†racket,¬†noise,¬†clamor,¬†discord, dissonance,¬†discordance,¬†uproar witches on their brooms ¬† riding into the darkness¬† ¬† ¬†din of halloween ¬† flutter of bats, ghosts and… Continue reading Cacophony of Halloween (tanka #16)

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Silence-a senryu

  in my head there is a quiet space where i go and think about him         Let‚Äôs get Social:¬†Twitter¬†|¬†Instagram image: Pinterest colleens-weekly-poetry-tuesday-challenge

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short story #11

  I Prayed for Love and found a Rose blooming in the desert God has strange ways of helping us through the toughest of times.Though, things may not seem obvious right away it all works out in the End.Look for those little signs that ray of hope in the dark night.Not all is lost if… Continue reading short story #11

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tanka #15

weekly-tanka-prompt-challenge¬†using the words ‚Äúbeauty & dreams‚ÄĚ. Tanka 1.¬† Must be exactly¬†5 lines 2.¬† Has a¬†5-7-5-7-7¬†syllable count 3.¬† Does¬†not¬†have to rhyme   I dream of beauty lost in that all knowing smile a place to call home far from the din of the crowd thinking, how it all began.     Connect with me on ¬†Twitter¬†|¬†Instagram… Continue reading tanka #15


haiku #31

  shadows in the dark the pumpkin patch is spooky Abode of Spirits   Haiku: The lines follow a¬†5-7-5¬†syllable format. A haiku¬†must¬†express a mood, thought, or feeling. It is usually written about nature. A haiku does¬†not¬†have to rhyme.   Thanks for Reading Connect with me on ¬†Twitter¬†|¬†Instagram colleens-weekly-poetry-tuesday-challenge-no-54-ghost-haunt daily haiku images: Pinterest

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do u believe?

via daily prompt: Believe do you believe that the Earth¬†revolves,¬†around the Sun do you believe in living together as one do you believe your words can bring about change do you believe there is a higher power do you believe in magic and stardust do you believe in blessing or curse do you believe in… Continue reading do u believe?