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  i love you that is no mystery but you broke my heart and we are ancient history...   Thanks for Reading ūüôā via daily prompt : Mystery Find Storyteller on¬†‚앬†Twitter¬†|¬†Instagram images : Pinterest   Read More: Qfl #14 fall ūüćĀ (haiku #29) short story #12


Cacophony of Halloween (tanka #16)

Hello Guys ¬† Today i'm writing a Tanka for Halloween¬† let me know what you think.   via daily post: Cacophony a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds. "a cacophony of deafening alarm bells" synonyms: din,¬†racket,¬†noise,¬†clamor,¬†discord, dissonance,¬†discordance,¬†uproar witches on their brooms ¬† riding into the darkness¬† ¬† ¬†din of halloween ¬† flutter of bats, ghosts and… Continue reading Cacophony of Halloween (tanka #16)

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do u believe?

via daily prompt: Believe do you believe that the Earth¬†revolves,¬†around the Sun do you believe in living together as one do you believe your words can bring about change do you believe there is a higher power do you believe in magic and stardust do you believe in blessing or curse do you believe in… Continue reading do u believe?


Nature (haiku #30)

Dear Readers, This Haiku is an Homage to Nature and it's life giving aspects   beauty¬†of nature giving life to the living needs to be valued   ‚ĚĚ Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught, only then… Continue reading Nature (haiku #30)

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village scenes

via Daily Prompt: Foggy   it's a cold foggy morning the sun is a little sleepy, clouds cover the sky the dirt road all¬†muddy and slippery; monsoon winds blowing by kids rush to school hoping for a rainy day cows grazing in the fields, a milkman whistles away leaves glisten with dew drop shining like… Continue reading village scenes

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the night

via daily prompt: Lust     .. The night is as dark as her hair, mysterious as her eyes, and exciting as her smile ... Blissful, as the wind behaves as it is her ... Touching my face with the locks of her hair ... Leaving that spark behind ... Her smell .. Fragrant ..… Continue reading the night

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short story #10

‚ĚĚ hidden labels buried under shallow perceptions ‚Ěě Stop defining who a Woman should be¬†     Let‚Äôs get Social:¬†Twitter¬†|¬†Instagram Hidden Shallow images: Pinterest