The Coyote

via Daily Prompt: Roots A Native American Folklore  A bird that lived near a lake bathed in it every morning for 4 days. The fifth morning it came out with beautiful blue feathers. A Coyote who had been watching the bird all this while asked, "How did you get all blue and beautiful? I want to be… Continue reading The Coyote

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Another Day

'Talk to me I'm here to listen' said the mind but the heart had decided. Razor in hand she saw a little girl running around talking to the trees. Thud! a gust of wind shut the window; the girl had vanished. Looking around the house what a vision it was, not a thing out of place… Continue reading Another Day


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It was Saturday a bunch of us were at the local coffee shop near the University. For 3 years now this place has been a habit, we come here without fail.The wait staff are friends they know our life stories, even the owner is on a first name basis. ...I saw him looking at me… Continue reading page 1