Dream within a dream

It's hard to get your mind off something once you have your heart set on it. I guess I don't know what we are anymore if we are anything at all.In the sky of dreams, what do we chase? the unsought, unknown.This path feels aloof, accusations so true! Life seems elusive, existence mere need.I look…Read more Dream within a dream

◇ The One ◇

Finding the one person we Love is like finding ourselves— tricky and exciting ⁈ It's like meeting a new "You", one you had no idea existed.The joy of sharing oneself unconditionally is what makes us peaceful from within. Knowing we have someone in the best and worst of times to hold our hand and tell us…Read more ◇ The One ◇

Let Me-

Let me tell you why my love was true; I never asked to be loved by you. Let me show you why my love was true; you walked away and I didn't stop you. Let me write to you why my love was true; I wrote letters but never send them to you. Let me…Read more Let Me-

After Love 💔

 I want the spaces between these words to write our story so I can read it again and again. To say what I feel… It torments me, the idea of having tangible evidence of a broken heart is worse than the pain you will ever feel, Or the happiness of being able to let go. Not…Read more After Love 💔


If I could reference a star for everytime you made me happy; the sky would not be enough If it would rain everytime I laughed, there would be no drought If I could write about all the pain; these pages would run out If I would plant a tree for every memory; there would be shade all…Read more If

Chapter 1

As the car drove by she rolled down the windows in an attempt to catch a glimpse of him again.The storm had passed, their eyes had met now all she had was one look and the agony of wait, anticipation what did he think does he like her or was it all in her head.…Read more Chapter 1