An Abrupt Ending

daily prompt Abrupt it was a long journey that started towards the unknown. A place i wasn't sure of just the fact that i needed to go on gathering the bits of broken pieces trying to get my courage back and appear brave I needed to be sure that no one would hurt me again… Continue reading An Abrupt Ending

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◇ The One ◇

Finding the one person we Love is like finding ourselves— tricky and exciting ⁈ It's like meeting a new "You", one you had no idea existed.The joy of sharing oneself unconditionally is what makes us peaceful from within. Knowing we have someone in the best and worst of times to hold our hand and tell us… Continue reading ◇ The One ◇

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Another Day

'Talk to me I'm here to listen' said the mind but the heart had decided. Razor in hand she saw a little girl running around talking to the trees. Thud! a gust of wind shut the window; the girl had vanished. Looking around the house what a vision it was, not a thing out of place… Continue reading Another Day

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here Atlast

here Atlast I rest my love where the grass is my bed and the trees give me shelter the winds sing our songs; the sun is my friend the sky is my roof  And the flowers you left keep me in the loop  here Atlast... I rest ~Storyteller