haiku #19

some relationships survive the odds and triumph in the game of life © 𝓈toryteller Find Storyteller on  Twitter | Instagram daily haiku Triumph images: Pinterest


Tanka #6

  dream a little Dream of all, you want to Achieve reach out and touch Faith standing on the Precipice hoping for Humanity © 𝓈toryteller Twitter | Instagram Tanka Prompt Precipice

Life · Poetry


DailyPrompt maze of thoughts running through the mind casting shadows  fading reality slipping into limbo   © 𝓈toryteller image: Pinterest


Artista (haiku #14)

clean strokes on canvas creating sharp images of love life and loss © 𝓈toryteller Colleen's Poetry Challenge daily haiku image: Pinterest


Tanka #2

A Teardrop rolling kisses the cheek and settles down It tastes of salt     Reminiscent of days past; where Peace and Love animate.   Colleen's Weekly #Poetry Challenge NaPoWriMo T: Tear    


Tanka attempt#1

Tanka Challenge: on Weather & life The weather reports —Sunny I am looking through the window It is raining now Such is the irony of this life; hanging by a thread, Mercurial. © 𝓈𝓉ℴ𝓇𝓎𝓉ℯ𝓁𝓁ℯ𝓇 NaPoWriMo  

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noth·ing ˈnəTHiNG/ pronoun  not anything; no single thing. adjective informal having no prospect of progress; of no value. adverb not at all.   I am Nothing but  nothing is something And sometimes something is better  than nothing;  Something is not everything but sometimes everything is nothing                    … Continue reading Nothing