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on Life…

Cursor's blinkin'...   I am sitting on my balcony, watching the far horizon and the big city lights. Looking at the horizon, my empty glass, and at the clock. Watching it all tick away. Watching my life go by.   Life. Sounds very deep rooted, ain't it??   Each one of us passes by this… Continue reading on Life…

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noth·ing ˈnəTHiNG/ pronoun  not anything; no single thing. adjective informal having no prospect of progress; of no value. adverb not at all.   I am Nothing but  nothing is something And sometimes something is better  than nothing;  Something is not everything but sometimes everything is nothing                    … Continue reading Nothing

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Dream within a dream

It's hard to get your mind off something once you have your heart set on it. I guess I don't know what we are anymore if we are anything at all.In the sky of dreams, what do we chase? the unsought, unknown.This path feels aloof, accusations so true! Life seems elusive, existence mere need.I look… Continue reading Dream within a dream

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Death ⚰️

`Death, you're at my doorstep Did you forget to knock? C'mon in! don't be shy You are welcome here I don't hate you My life has been a happy one Time is running out I have put my ducks in a row It's time to Move around. © 𝓼𝓽o𝓻𝔂𝓽𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓇 Letters to Death  Tale Weaver  … Continue reading Death ⚰️

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◇ The One ◇

Finding the one person we Love is like finding ourselves— tricky and exciting ⁈ It's like meeting a new "You", one you had no idea existed.The joy of sharing oneself unconditionally is what makes us peaceful from within. Knowing we have someone in the best and worst of times to hold our hand and tell us… Continue reading ◇ The One ◇

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In & Out of love ❤︎

I fall in Love with the idea of Love, not the person but that moment of bliss and the thrill of not knowing what the future holds. uncountable possibilities & innumerable probabilities. Is it just me? or is it meant to be like this? I kept thinking and not admitting it.. for the mind is a… Continue reading In & Out of love ❤︎

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The first time we met It was Spring; blossoms on every tree my naive heart dancing with joy making way for love Love like a gust of wind —unannounced I had no choice but to let you in you touched my lips and made me sing long walks along the parks lost in your eyes… Continue reading Apathy

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Four letters every Romantic knows ✍️

No, nothing has the power to part me from you; our love is based upon virtue, and will last as long as our lives. Adieu, there is nothing that I will not brave for your sake; you deserve much more than that. Adieu, my dear heart! Voltaire (written to Émilie du Châtelet while he was… Continue reading Four letters every Romantic knows ✍️

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here Atlast

here Atlast I rest my love where the grass is my bed and the trees give me shelter the winds sing our songs; the sun is my friend the sky is my roof  And the flowers you left keep me in the loop  here Atlast... I rest ~Storyteller