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  i like the way life is — uncertain and funny  throwing curveballs along the path not knowing what tomorrow holds hoping it isn't sad struggling to battle inner conflicts trying to survive hard     Twitter   Instagram    

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Encompassed in your arms On silent nights like this Not a care in the world I feel so blessed my face on your hand floating in Eternal Bliss Twitter   Instagram image: Pinterest via Daily Prompt Bliss Silent Compass

Love · Poetry

you & me

  you & me like pieces of paper flying in the wind trying to be together        you & me like waves in the sea crashing on rocky shores struggling to hold on     you & me like leaves in Autumn starting to fall refusing to give up         … Continue reading you & me


‘Tis the Season

it's almost Christmas and here is a little poem celebrating the spirit of the holidays    the wreaths are up, so are the stockings the house is warm and cozy cuddling in front of the fireplace hot chocolate, fruitcake and pudding © 𝓈toryteller     Twitter | Instagram you can follow my personal instagram page ➨ HERE  images: Pinterest  

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star gazing (tanka #18)

write a tanka poem Using the words “beauty & wild” #weeklytankachallenge Tanka poetry consists of five units, usually with the following pattern 5-7-5-7-7 which is syllables.   I am lost in you like a sailor in the sea our passion is wild your beauty is hypnotic the stars witness us tonight     Let’s get Social 🙂 Twitter … Continue reading star gazing (tanka #18)


haiku #32

The Challenge Words! Short & Sexy Haiku: The lines follow a 5-7-5 syllable format. A haiku must express a mood, thought, or feeling. It is usually written about nature. A haiku does not have to rhyme. the smell of your skin let's keep it short and sexy take me already Connect with me on  Twitter | Instagram Ronovan Writes daily haiku images: Pinterest


graveyard drive (tanka #17)

  crossing the graveyard there is an eerie silence moonlight casts shadows  veiled behind the ensemble sending shivers down the spine   👉 If you liked this check out my other Halloween related posts  👇 🎃 haiku #31 🎃 Cacophony of Halloween (tanka #16) 🎃 fall 🍁 (haiku #29)       Let’s get Social: Twitter | Instagram image: Pinterest colleens-weekly-poetry-tuesday-challenge-eerie-costume/